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I'm a researcher,  and pursuer of truth in a world of deception for profit.  I've been fortunate to have been led down the right path.  Let me share with you the powerful lessons I've learned!   FREE!

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  Major illness can be a devastating catastrophe in terms of pain , misery and financial loss  Why not just go quietly in your sleep at 95-110 and leave your money to  your heirs as intended, instead or the medical system?   Just send an email to with the word subscribe in the subject line.   Your email address will not be sold or spammed!

If you are consuming coffee,  dairy products,  processed / excess meats, starches, grains , refined or artificial sweeteners,  flu shots, soda,  bottled or tap water,   you'll benefit immensely from this knowledge about healthier alternatives!  The key is to begin eating more alkaline pH - reducing acid forming foods in your diet......  and drink the hemp seed heart super greens fruit shake    ( recipe on page 1) every day!!

Want to lose weight ?  The key is good plant source globulin form protein,  as hunger is directly proportional to the availability of protein to the cells at any given time!   There is a far better source of protein than meat , soy or whey!   Experience the miraculous nutrition of the hemp seed heart and my home-made granola recipe ! Do and soon you will  have the body you desire without ever going hungry!  There are miraculous herbs which will help you burn calories and metabolize sugars more effectively!

Your body needs purest water!  Bottled water is an environmental disaster and often has plastic biphenol exposure.  The technology exists to make your own purer water at home for less money!  Ask me about carbon block filtration and atmospheric water generation!

Our bodies are exposed to bacteria and viruses every day!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had the immunity boost of a daily  anti-biotic without lowering  future microbe resistance?   That power is here now with the latest breakthrough in Silver Solution technology!  Put it to work for you now and stay illness free more often!  

The bad economic condition has hurt us all.   Why not help me get this wonderful news out to more people by starting your own home business as an affiliate of the sensational companies making these life saving products?  There is minimal start-up cost and numerous tax benefits! 

Refer friends, family and associates and watch your residual income grow and grow!

Let me help you get started!

Best wishes!

 Byron Whitman

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Chipping to the 15th green on route to becoming the oldest Berks Amateur Champ in 2010 .  71-70-71

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