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I'd like to invite you to join me in BitClub Network! BitClub Network is a new opportunity to capitalize on Bitcoin, and the MINING OF OTHER Crypto Currencies.... and help save the world from the corruption of Central Banks and their mass printed inflationary debt based money!

BitCoin has a limit to its creation, unlike dollars,  and has soared in value from it initial price of $.033 to $1200 each since 2009.   BitClub network is a MINING co-op that looks for the best returns in the crypto currency realm. 

Bitcoin is currently used in 700,000 American Businesses such as Kmart, Dell, Target, Subway, Amazon, Overstock, WordPress, Expedia, Tesla Motors, Zynga, TechCrunch, CVS, NIKE, Virgin Atlantic & Lowe’s. Western Union Money Gram, and Paypal have also joined in. The French banking system has fully integrated Bitcoin, that means you can get your salary paid in it. Bitcoin has no borders and no country NO CENTRALIZED location. It cannot be shut down! This is here to stay & is a lot more than a payment method but also an investment much like Gold and Silver. Mining Bitcoin & mining gold are very similar in that it is limited and expensive to mine. However , Bitcoin cannot be naked short sold on a fraudulent market ( like COMEX ) to drive down the price as we are seeing with Gold today! To sell it you must OWN it!

The money is real with appreciation potential and the other benefit is it is a real viable alternative to the present fraudulent debt money fiat currency system being used to impoverish the world under ridiculous debt burdens / interest payments and the endless wars, taxation and inflation though endless money printing ! Czech Republic has instituted a national crypto - currency! Hungary has already thrown out the Criminal Banksters! The world will follow!

We can help by promoting and endorsing real money alternatives like BitCoin , and prosper in the process! watch the 3 videos

These present day fiat currencies used by the ELITE bankers to rule the world with lies and war are dying right in front of us….. halleluya! Join us today!

Byron Whitman paulrevere17 on skype 610-507-1436

This is last 30 days earnings after 1 month:

1 BTC = $325 today ( There is also a Pool # 1 for $500)

Mining Pool #2 ($1000) BTC = Bitcoin = $325 each today

Pool 2 Total Shares: 1.1068

Total Earnings: 0.63110

BTC Last 24 Hours: 0.00763

Last 30 Days: 0.63110 Paid: 0.31775

BTC Re-purchase: Total: 0.31335 BTC

Unused: 0.00000

BTC Set to: 40 %

Mining Pool #3 ($2000)

Pool 3 Total Shares: 1.0868

Total Earnings: 1.26281

BTC Last 24 Hours: 0.01508

Last 30 Days: 1.26281

Paid: 0.73957

BTC Re-purchase: Total: 0.52323

BTC Unused: 0.01366 BTC Set to: 30 %

Prosper $$$ with the Bitcoin Revolution! NO SPONSORING Necessary!

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